sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Jeffery Mincham AM, Midwinter, 2006, glazed stoneware

Main Gallery   3 - 26 August 2006


Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present a survey exhibition of the Tea Bowl. We have invited Australia’s most dynamic ceramists to present work for the exhibition, These artists have been selected for the innovative techniques within their own ceramic practice, and as a group represent the diversity in Australian contemporary ceramics.

Mollie Bosworth . Debra Boyd-Goggin . Kirsten Coelho . Greg Daly . Paul Davis . Janet de Boos . Ian Dowling . Lesa Farrant . Simone Fraser . Honor Freeman . Neville French . Malcolm Greenwood . Ian Jones . Chiko Jones . Bronwyn Kemp . Cathy Keys . Won Seok Kim . Marie Littlewood . Sandy Lockwood . Bruce McWhinney . Janet Mansfield . Angela Mellor . Jeff Mincham . David Pottinger . Simon Reece . Mel Robson . Tania Rollond . Jane Sawyer . Joanne Searle . Ted Secombe . Mitsuo Shoji . Penny Smith . Biggi Spiro . Sophie Thomas . Kenji Uranishi

The Tea Bowl, as a form, holds strong traditions of culture and history across Asia. The significance of the form is found within Tea Ceremonies, where ceramic vessels are used within a ceremonial context, thus heightening the preciousness and personal relationship with the piece.

With such a strong presence in the history of ceramics, this exhibition will further explore the form in relation to Australian ceramists and their own experience and resonance with the Tea Bowl. This survey exhibition will include 35 practitioners, many of whom have worked closely with the form over their established career, whilst many will be interpreting it for the very first time.

This exhibition promises to be a significant survey of Australian Contemporary Ceramics and is certainly not to be missed!