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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


SOLD All That Remains, 2012, large high walled ceramic bowl, multi-glazed, mid-fired, H 21cm x D 33.5cm

Main Gallery   11 April - 05 May 2012

Jeffery Mincham AM – The Meaning of Place

The meaning of place in our lives is one of those things that we carry with us, often without much immediate consciousness, yet it can influence our lives in quite profound ways. When events, sometimes unexpected, bring it into focus we can be quite surprised at just how strong an influence it has been.

A long period of severe drought that brought about the total collapse of the lower Murray lakes and the Coorong ecological systems was such an event to me. The world of my childhood and a place that generations of my family have been associated with came under dire threat. My response to these events has been to try and tell the story of these places through my work. “The Meaning of Place” exhibition gathers together my reflections of a place that continues to hold onto me so strongly.

Jeffery Mincham AM, 2012