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SOLD Peel Series, 2012, hand blown and wheel cut glass, H 44 x D 14cm

Main Gallery and Gallery Two   29 February - 25 March 2012

Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott – Tutti

One of the longest and most successful partnerships in contemporary studio glass is Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott. This highly anticipated exhibition Tutti presents a new body of work which draws on their impressive skills with glass. This exhibition will once again demonstrate why this talented and acclaimed duo are two of the foremost artists internationally in this diverse and very beautiful medium.

Tutti is part of an ongoing exploration of the skills that the team of Sydney based Edols and Elliott have developed over the last 20 years of collaboration. The title of the show is a reference to the push and pull of these two artists and egos seeking to find a voice and expression within the work, and the way in which the dynamic between them has resulted in the creation of some of Australia’s finest and most collectible sculptural glass artworks.

Following a two year deviation and exploration with the series ‘dwell’ and ‘shelter’, which are pieces looking at inner space, personal space and more generally family, this new exhibition, Tutti, is a return to the organic themes, they are internationally renowned for, that loosely reference the natural world. Having given themselves the frame work of blown and cut vessels with this exhibition, they are exploring unique and expressive forms and surfaces.

Ben Edols, who is one of Australia’s most talented glass blowers, sees himself firstly as a craftsman who has always been interested and motivated by process, with the use and innovation with Italian cane work seducing him for over 20 years. Kathy Elliott on the other hand sees the vessel more as a canvas. Whilst working on the surfaces she utilises the envelop or thickness of glass between the exterior and interior to carve out pattern and capture light.

The formal qualities of line and form are at the heart of what drives this very successful studio practice. There artworks are elegant and innovative and have been acquired for inclusion in some of the world’s most prestigious collections over the course of their careers including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Corning Museum of Glass in New York and the National Gallery of Australia to name just a few.

Tutti is an exhibition that will be of enormous interest to the Sydney audience. They are much loved across Australia where there work has found its way into many important private collections. Tutti will be a highlight of Sabbia Gallery’s extensive 2012 exhibition schedule and an exhibition not to be missed.