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Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott, Ocean Deep, 2020, blown and cut glass, 400 h x 200mm d

Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott

Glass Artist, Sydney, NSW, Australia

As one of the most successful artistic partnerships in Australia, the glass of Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott has received international recognition. Over the last twenty years, they have collaborated on work that has inspired and tantalised many through its intense colour, form & use of light.

Their work has been exhibited worldwide, and has been acquired for some of the leading international public and private art collections. Their work continues to be sourced for its technical & creative achievements.
In the last few years their work has been inspired by botanical forms and patterns found in nature. The ability of glass to carry light can mimic the way in which light is diffused through the fluid filled cells of leaves and grass.
They make objects they like to see in the world and are building a body of work that they hope will be coherent as it evolves over time.

Ben Edols in undoubtedly one of the best glass blowers worldwide, which in combination with the cutting skills of Kathy Elliott, makes them without a doubt, two of the most influential glass artists in Australia. Exhibiting in Europe, Asia, USA and Australia, their most recent works explore forms inspired by nature such as the ‘Bud’, ‘Leaf’, ‘Seed’ and ‘Skein’.

This current series of sculptural forms display a beautiful tension and sense of rhythm, while at the same time exploiting the wonderful qualities of the glass that unifies all their work – the ability to display colour and texture through light.