sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Galia Amsel, SOLD - Floe 38, 2021, cast glass, sandblasted and etched, cold worked, 360 h x 340 w x 90mm d

Main Gallery   17 March - 10 April 2021

The Study

To continue our 2021 exhibition schedule we have invited all of our Sabbia artists to submit artworks around the idea of ‘The Study’.

A time honoured device used by artists to plan for larger works, a study is a smaller work that allows the artists to explore the elements of the piece so that they are able to finesse the work at the planning stage. Our Sabbia artists have been asked to create or release smaller scale study pieces for this exhibition, and this is a great chance to see artworks that show the process of an artists practice, whilst also being on a smaller scale.