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Gerry King

Glass Artist, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Gerry King has been involved in all aspects of contemporary Australian glass – as an academic in his role as Head of Design at the University of South Australia; curator of many touring exhibitions in Australia, Asia and the USA; and artist.

With the latter King has received international acclaim. He has worked with the processes of blown, cast & kilnformed glass.

His preoccupation with the impact of light and colour in his work through form and pattern has resulted in many important works which have been quickly appreciated and included in important collections worldwide.

‘One cannot just walk past a piece by King. His work has a theatrical presence that makes one stop and stare’.
Dan Klein, 2002

Gerry King’s Views from a Room series and The Cicatrix Series mark a re-orientation of glass to a sculptural medium in Australia. Dr Catherine Speck 1991

…scratch a letter-day aestheticist like King and we soon discover the socially aware artist lurking underneath. Professor Jenny Zimmer 1998

Everything about Gerry King suggests he is a born alchemist with the power of turning thought into art. Dan Klein 2002

…has always operated on the uncertainty principal, which in his work translates as ’nothing is quite as it seems. John Neylon 2003

… there’s an evident logic in his sculptures, characterised by an abstract combination of the conventional vessel format and symbolised nature. Professor Gyorgy Fekete 2004

… technical virtuosity and a delight in the material melds with King’s desire to imbue meaning
Dr Susan Wood 2010