sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery and Gallery Two   31 January - 24 February 2018


Many artists, irrespective of their choice of medium, will create a number of sketches as a means to realise their ideas and design their next work of art.

These sketches over time as a collective are an important element of the artists practice. They present a fascinating insight into the manner in which the artist approaches their art and the work that is created.

When an artist works in a two-dimensional form such as painting, the progression from sketch to canvas for example can often be easily referenced.

When you consider three-dimensional art, specifically artworks created in glass, the transition from sketch to final artwork differs completely. The artist must think about the artwork in the round and how best to utilise the elements of form, scale, surface, light, colour, reflection and refraction.

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present SKETCH, the 23rd edition of its annual Masters of Glass exhibition series. Some of Australia’s most influential artists in glass have been invited to exhibit. The exhibiting artwork is a response to the process in which each artist works, from sketch to final art form.