sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   26 May - 19 June 2010

Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott – Shelter

One of the longest and most successful partnerships in contemporary studio glass is Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott. This highly anticipated exhibition Shelter presents a new body of work which draws on their impressive skills with glass. This exhibition will once again demonstrate why this talented and acclaimed duo are two of the foremost artists internationally in this diverse and very beautiful medium.

The new artworks consist of forms that are contained and wrapped or shrouded in a layer of external glass. This outer ‘skin’ then hints of what lies below or within. The shroud is deeply carved, in a way that moves forward from their precision cutting that has in the past mimicked nature, something that Edols and Elliott have explored in depth and are renowned for. This new process of carving leads to a more dynamic and expressive cut that wraps around the piece and enhances the form.