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Sabbia Gallery’s artists and exhibitions have had a busy time in both the digital and print media recently. Clay Stories received a full page review by Kerry-Anne Cousins in the Canberra Times, and well as online in the Sydney Morning Herald, Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott got a spot in the Weekend Australian and Lisa Cahill’s solo show Vignette received an incredible write up in the Good Weekend, (print and online) by John McDonald.

Article in Good Weekend, SMH by John McDonald, 2/6/18 – Lisa Cahill – Vignette exhibition

We were so pleased to have John McDonald acknowledge Lisa Cahill and her exhibition ‘Vignette’ in the Sydney Morning Herald, June 2, 2018. John said of Lisa’s work Lisa Cahill is an artist who defies those arbitrary distinctions. Although she has made her share of elegant vases, Cahill has become known for a series of pictorial works that combine glasswork and painting. The pieces in her new exhibition, Vignette, are her most expressive yet, with stark, black-and-white images such as Beside the Escarpment II set against the shadowy vistas of In the Distance II, which recalls the German Romantics…Cahill’s main aim is to evoke that sense of awe one feels in front of the ocean or the mountains. It’s much easier to do this on canvas than on a work fired in a kiln.”

John is a highly respected art critic and writer, who has a deep understanding of the international and Australian art world. We are so pleased that he has recognised Lisa’s abilities.

Review in Canberra Times, Kerry-Anne Cousins, 21 May 2018 – Clay Stories: Contemporary Indigenous Ceramics from Remote Australia

After the successful opening at Strathnairn Gallery, Canberra of the latest instalment of this touring exhibition we were pleased to have such a great review in the Canberra Times. Kerry-Anne Cousins reflects on the differences and similarities of these 5 remote communities and their artists abilities with clay.

“The works in the exhibition relate to the land and its Indigenous people. What is immediately apparent is the marked difference between the artworks that come from the different communities. Forms and imagery differ widely. This, no doubt, is connected with the history of the various community art centres and the influences that artists outside these communities brought with them as the art centres developed. However, at the heart of each community is country and the Dreaming associated with it. And this, I think, accounts for the very distinctive art styles and special imagery associated with each community. Each artist within this cultural framework imbues their work with a strong sense of self and an ownership of place.”

The Australian, Bronwyn Watson, 26-27 May 2018 – Public Works: Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott

We were so pleased to have Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott recognied and reviewed in the Canberra Times. As one of the artworks featured in the collection of the Canberra Museum and Art Gallery Collection, on display from Sat 24 March to Sun 17 June, the author notes that “Edols and Elliott are inspired by botanical forms, patters found in nature and the ability for glass to display light and colour.”

Sabbia Gallery is thrilled to be presenting ‘Undercurrent – A Solo Exhibition of New Works by Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott’ from 1-25th August 2018