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Private: Cobi Cockburn,

Main Gallery   14 June - 14 July 2007

Cobi Cockburn – Whispers

Sabbia Gallery is pleased to present this long awaited first solo exhibition by one of Australia’s most dominant young glass artists, Cobi Cockburn. This stunning glass work and the resounding success that Cobi has achieved, demonstrates just why Australian artists are at the forefront of the international contemporary studio glass movement.

Cobi’s fused and carved glass forms draw heavily from her long-term interest in the material and the making of hand woven forms. In developing these pieces, she has carefully considered and blended her interests in fibres, her love for the natural Australian landscape and her growth as a young mother and artist.

Winner of the prestigious Ranamok Glass Prize in 2006, the prestigious Lino Tagliapietra Prize at Talente 2007 in Germany, and most recently the New Design Award at Object Gallery in Sydney, Cobi is swiftly making an impact on the international glass scene, and continues to excite the most discerning collectors.

‘The main themes that I am pursuing in my work are inspired by fibre forms, hand woven materials and contemporary basketry, particularly that of Australian indigenous artists.

Inspired by the texture and delicacy of indigenous basketry, and captivated by the process of glassmaking, my aim over the last few years, has been to blend these themes into a cohesive body of work that celebrates both the fluidity of glass and traditional fibrous themes and colours.

I have chosen glass to explore this concept as I feel it captures the colours, movement and touch of the maker’s hand in an honest, stable and incredibly beautiful medium’.