sabbia gallery

Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Matthew Curtis, Margin, 2022, blown and constructed tinted furnace glass cold worked, 740 h x 540 w x 150mm d

Matthew Curtis’ work ‘Margin’, 2022 was considered by Judge Cobi Cockburn as a “totemic sculptural work”, which “exudes a deep understanding of the material properties of glass and incorporates a variety of techniques. The piece holds light within while the brightness of colour and levels of translucency change and delight as you move around the form”.

Coinciding with the United International Year of Glass in 2022, Matthew’s work will be exhibited alongside the other finalist’s works from 13 May – 3 July 2022 at Adelaide’s Jam Factory. This will be followed by a tour to Canberra Glassworks from 24 August – 25 September 2022 and the Australian Design Centre in Sydney from 7 October – 16 November 2022.

The eighteen finalists for the 2022 FUSE Glass Prize were announced by the JamFactory in Adelaide a few weeks ago and includes Sabbia Gallery artists Matthew Curtis, Mel Douglas, Hannah Gason and Janice Vitkovksy.