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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre


Honor Freeman, Fade, 2021, porcelain, gold lustre, 750 h x 750 w x 30mm d

Main Gallery   8 September - 02 October 2021

Honor Freeman – lave

lave . (to wash. to bathe. (of water) to wash over or against).

‘This timely body of work continues my exploration into the poetic potential of the simple and ubiquitous bar of soap. A small yet quietly powerful object that has gathered heightened meaning during the pandemic with the return of hand washing rituals. Behind soap’s deceptively benign exterior and sweet fragrance lingers the whiff of nineteenth-century propagandist regimes of care, comfort and control. Using the mimetic qualities of clay via the process of slip casting, this new series interacts with ideas of liquid made solid. The porcelain casts remember the almost obsolete objects; the liquid slip solidifies becoming a precise memory of a past form – a ghost’. Honor Freeman, 2021