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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Main Gallery   16 October - 09 November 2013

Lisa Cahill – The Colour of Nostalgia

Inspiration for this work ranges from the colours, textures and limitless space of Australia to the harsh winter landscape of Denmark, her mother’s homeland.

Having spent many years living and travelling the world, much of this time spent in Denmark and France, Lisa’s kiln formed glass connects structures of urban architecture, the associations and memories they invoke, and her innate respect for the natural landscape.

Lisa is one of Australia’s most exciting artists working in glass. Her works are creatively beautiful, and highly collectable. She has exhibited internationally for many years and her work has been acquired for various important public and private collections including the National Glass collection in Wagga Wagga, the Ebeltoft Museum in Denmark and the Palm Springs Art Museum, USA.

Lisa’s art is a document that ponders the reality behind the visible andbecomes a place for quiet contemplation.

For me memories have colours and colours can trigger memories…

When I look at all my works the one thing that links them is colour. Not any in particular but more its importance. Each individual series of work talks about that colour and what memories or stories are behind it for me.

‘I am interested in light and space, time and memory. Creating dreamlike images allows the viewer to draw associations with their own remembered landscapes, resulting in a meditative and or emotional response. Intense colour, translucency and captured light combine to evoke notions of an ephemeral landscape and encourage one to consider the transitory nature of human existence.’

Lisa Cahill, 2013

The Colour of Nostalgia is a wonderful

opportunity to view the new work by this talented artist.