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Nick Wirdnam, Wirdnam, Waterhouse Entry, 2013

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize is one of Australia’s most prestigious and diverse art awards. It aims to explore the natural world through artistic creativity. It is a valuable fixture in the Australian art world and offers artists a platform to showcase their skills, and make a statement about the scientific issues affecting us today.

We are proud to announce that Sabbia Gallery’s artists Lisa Cahill, Matthew Curtis, Holly Grace, Jeffery Mincham AM and Nick Wirdnam have been selected as finalists in this years exhibition. We congratulate them and wish them all the best.

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize is a unique opportunity for talented artists to immerse themselves in the wonders of science. It challenges them to use skills in their chosen media to interpret the natural world and contribute to the great environmental debates facing our planet.

The home of the prize – the South Australian Museum – continues to inspire artists with its world-class scientific research and collections.

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize is an acquisitive prize. The South Australian Museum retains the overall winning piece as part of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize collection. The overall winner and winning artists in each category are awarded prize money. There are also prizes for the People’s Choice Award and the Dr Wendy Wickes Memoriam Prize, selected by visitors to the exhibition.

Overall Winner $50,000 (acquisitive)
Category Winners $12,000
Youth Art Prize Winner $5,000
People’s Choice Award $5,000
Dr Wendy Wickes Memoriam Prize $5,000

The exhibition of winners and finalists in The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize is shown each year at the South Australian Museum. It will run from 20 July to 8 September 2013. Winning and highly commended entries tour to the National Archives of Australia in Canberra from September to November each year.