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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Ulrica Trulsson

Ceramic Artist, Adelaide

Swedish born artist Ulrica Trulsson, now living and working in Adelaide, creates assemblages of beautifully textured and thrown ceramic forms, which are undoubtedly inspired by the South Australian natural landscape. Her artwork has caught the attention of many curators over the last few years, and she has been involved in a number of exhibitions and awards across Australia.

As I find my direction forward as a maker, working everyday with my material and its processes gives me a particular outlook and makes me notice a multitude of subtleties to hone in on and use. The clay after being shaped in a soft and fluid state and hardening allowing for fine tuning, emerges from the final firing transformed into functional vessels. In this space where the functional pot meets with the engaging peculiarities of the material, the objects hover slightly between the everyday and the curious. The varying characteristics of their surfaces and shifting shapes of the pots create changing snapshots, revealing details over time. In balancing the familiar with hints of the unexpected, it is a world of subtleties that keeps me intrigued by what I do.

Ulrica Trulsson, June 2016