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Ulrica Trulsson, Shapes of White, 2023, stoneware, porcelain slip, glaze - set of four, 250 h x 340 w x 220mm d - installed

Ulrica Trulsson

Ceramic Artist, Adelaide

Swedish born artist Ulrica Trulsson creates beautifully crafted pots with intriguing glazed surfaces in shifting colours and textures. Previously based in Adelaide at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design, Ulrica now lives in Brisbane making work from her home studio for exhibitions across Australia. Ulrica’s work has been acquired by Hamilton Gallery, and is held in many private collections nationally and overseas.

Recently my work has drawn from sensory experiences of sand and the patterns created by movements of the tides. Repetition and changing rhythms of the flowing water alters the patterns, textures and objects left behind as the water recedes, stilled in place for a time until the waves return. This translates beautifully to the rhythms in the studio, from the pace of the wheel in sync with the movement of my hands to the application of slip. The amount of water in the liquid clay allows for more or less defined marks as my fingers move through it. Simple lines and repeated movements are traced in the clay with the revolution of the wheel and the touch of my hand; patterns, textures and forms captured in clay.

Ulrica Trulsson