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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

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Galia Amsel, Charm I, II and III, 2024, cast glass, hand smoothed and polished with woven polyester braid - wall hung, 330 h x 100 w x 90mm d - glass only - approx 1450mm total height each

Main Gallery and Gallery Two   19 June - 13 July 2024


We are delighted to present Verticale, Sabbia’s most recent curated exhibition, that sees our artists create new sculptural works for the wall.

The three levels of Sabbia’s gallery spaces have been installed with incredible artworks by our artists, from the larger scaled installations and wall panels in our main gallery to the more intimate pieces in our mezzanine.

Glass, ceramic and fibre are all dynamic materials that offer the ability to be moulded, manipulated and sculpted. Many of our artists have worked steadily with their material within a wall-based format, however for some Sabbia artists their art has been primarily plinth based. Verticale hopes to challenge all our artists to re-imagine their work and explore the dynamic qualities of their material in a new perspective.

With over twenty artists exploring their art as wall-based works, we are excited to share these new works from our artists and show how they have responded to this unique challenge.