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Ceramics, Glass + Fibre

Rupert Jack

A story about Maku (witchetty grub) is as vast and winding as their tracks depicted in my artwork.  It’s a story that I need to hold onto, to keep it safe. It’s important for me to keep some of these … Continue reading

Thomas Ilytjari Tjilya

My grandfather’s Country is Malara and my father’s place is Kunamata. I can’t put that story onto canvas or ceramics because it is a sacred place; a men’s place. Both my father and grandfather made Kulata (spears) but I learned … Continue reading

Elizabeth Dunn

Elizabeth’s work comments on the environmental change that has occurred in on country due to the introduction of non-native flora and fauna such as cattle farming and weeds like buffel grass (officially declared as a weed by South Australia) and … Continue reading

Lynette Lewis

Lynette’s father’s Country is a place called Makiri, located east of Ernabella near the Fregon community. This is Country is tjala tjukurpa (honey ant dreaming).  Tjala or Honey Ants are found about a metre underground beneath Mulga trees. The Honey … Continue reading

Carlene Thompson

Carlene creates innovative, new work that alludes to her Father’s Country, Kanpi, in which the creation being is ‘Kalaya’, or emu. Her pieces encompass the cultural richness that Carlene possesses as a proud Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara woman. The intergenerational transfer of Indigenous … Continue reading

Alison Milyika Carroll

Alison Milyika’s artwork reflects her identity as a contemporary and senior Pitjantjatara Yankunytjatjara woman. Often, the patterns and line work seen in her artwork are inspired by woman’s ceremonial painting on the body or landmarks seen in the Anangu Pitjantjatara … Continue reading

Derek Jungarrayi Thompson

Derek’s artworks often depict Tjukurpa (story) relating to Wanampi (Rainbow Serpent) or hunting stories.

Pepai Jangala Carroll

“Art is also a type of memory theatre for Pepai Jangala Carroll. Although based for decades in Pukatja…Carroll’s custodial home country is his father’s country near Kintore in the Northern Territory. Carrying the recurring title of Walungurru, in this naming, … Continue reading

Ulrica Trulsson

Swedish born artist Ulrica Trulsson, now living and working in Adelaide, creates assemblages of beautifully textured and thrown ceramic forms, which are undoubtedly inspired by the South Australian natural landscape. Her artwork has caught the attention of many curators over … Continue reading

Cathy Franzi

Cathy Franzi is a full-time studio artist and was awarded a Doctorate of Visual Arts (Ceramics) from the Australian National University School of Art in 2015. Through her ceramic practice she explores ways to represent Australian flora and the environments … Continue reading